Dawn Delgado is a powerful intuitive healer with a background in psychology and humanitarian work. Her approach to healing lies in combining ancient techniques, such as transcendental Satori breathwork, meditative practices, music, Reiki energy work, the chakra system, and a deep understanding of psychological approaches to bring unconscious material to consciousness. She practices Usai Reiki and trained in the US as a Breathwork Practitioner, as well as holding a license in Marriage and Family Therapy. Dawn utilizes a mind-body-spirit approach to healing and self-actualization, which means integrating all aspects of the self to facilitate lasting change.

In addition to her passion for healing work, Dawn is passionate about traveling and being of service. She has volunteered with children’s organizations such as Ninos de la Calle (program for street children) in Quito, Ecuador, Toul Ampul (a rural school) and New Hope (a sex industry prevention and rehabilitation project) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and Yayasan YKPA (orphanage) in Bali, Indonesia. She currently lives on the magical island of Bali, Indonesia, where she spreads her light work with the local and expatriate communities.