Satori Breathwork is a total MIND-BODY-SPIRIT healing experience. Satori means awakening or insight, which is an accurate description of this type of Transcendental Breathwork. Combining Pranayama, a 5,000 old Vedic science with Western therapeutic approaches, Satori Breathwork works on healing and stimulating the mind, body, and spirit by using the breathe, music, energy work, ritual, intention setting, guided visualization, customized therapeutic coaching, and the chakra system as a map of the physical and emotional body.

Through the combination of sacredly held space and the breathwork technique, the mind is given permission to turn off and the life force energy moves gracefully through the body, activating, awakening, releasing, and removing emotional blocks or residue from the past. This treatment technique releases emotional blocks and traumas stored in the body, stimulates healing of physical “dis”ease, and removes residue from the outer world that interferes with higher consciousness. Within a few sessions, one usually experiences a state of lasting euphoria as the brainwaves relax into a theta state, which allows messages, downloads, and visual images to come through to the conscious mind. The natural state of perfect health, a clear mind, bountiful energy, abundance, and spiritual connection is restored.