Satori Sessions: Satori Breathwork sessions intuitively and intentionally combine music, guided imagery, conscious breathwork, energy work, the chakra system in a divinely guided process to facilitate healing and transformation.

Seven Chakra Series: Recommended as a general overall breathwork cleanse. Sessions are scheduled in a progression with focus on each of the seven bodily chakra centers. Each center is explored, evaluated, and cleansed through the breath.

Customized Satori Series: Typically set of 3-5 sessions tailored to one or two more specific issues.  Examples: Self-esteem, Moving through a Break Up, Mild to Moderate Depression, Spiritual Disconnection, Forgiveness Series, Stages of Grief, Lovers Satori Series.

Sacred Satori Circles:  Sacred, intentional gatherings are structured around Satori Breathwork  in mystical sites around the planet. We are starving for spiritual nourishment and ritual in today's society.  Sacred Satori Circles create a spiritual rite of passage. Group gatherings are enhanced with these ceremonies. Examples are yoga retreats, music festivals, private parties, full moon ceremonies, and other special events.